As a courtesy to those of you who visit our site, we thought it would be helpful to put a list of items together for you as a “winter pack” for your car or truck.  Should you get into an accident, or get stuck some where, these are a few of the items you should have on hand in your vehicle.

  1.  Extra Cash: A few dollars in change, and $10.00-20.00 in cash can come in really handy, and it doesn’t spoil.


    A little cash can go a long way in an emergency

  2.  Flashlight: One of the hand-crank ones or a good one with fresh batteries is a must.
  3. Phone Battery Charger: A simple item to keep in the glove compartment. If the battery in the car dies, you’ll still be able to keep the phone going.
  4. Thermal Blanket: Lightweight and small, they keep your body heat close to you, reflecting it back into the area it covers. If you’re stuck for any length of time, this is invaluable. They cost between $5.00 and $10.00.
  5. Hand Warmers: A ten-pack of chemical hand-warmers can be purchased at most department stores and pharmacies.
  6. Tire Filler: In a pinch, this can keep you moving.
  7. Extra Clothing: A few pairs of gloves, a hat, and a heavy flannel or wool shirt will do the trick.
  8. Jumper Cables:  This one seems like a no-brainer, but most people don’t have them.
  9. Small Shovel and Bag of Sand: Cheap clay cat litter will work as well. This can provide traction for your tires should you get stuck.
  10. Our Phone Number: 5 Points Automotive: (215)855-3592. If you’re in an accident, or stuck on the road, help is a phone call away!