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Air Filter Replacement

There are 2 air filters most vehicle owners need to concern themselves with – the engine air filter and the cabin filter.  The engine air filter ensures that the engine has clean air, and the cabin filter makes sure you have clean air inside your vehicle.  Each filter needs to be replaced at a different rate, and consequently, many times, these filters are overlooked in performing regular maintenance.

   Cabin Filter

The cabin filter keeps pollutants from entering your car through your heating and air conditioning system.  In short, the cabin filter cleans the air you breathe before it gets inside.  While it doesn’t affect vehicle performance, a clean cabin filter helps keep you healthy and happy while driving.  How often you should change your cabin filter depends on your driving habits and the environment in which you drive.  Let us help you breathe easier with a new cabin filter for your vehicle.  If you want even more protection, consider a HEPA filter which filters out many of the smaller particles which can become harmful.  

   Engine Air Filter

Your engine air filter helps to keep dust, dirt, and other contaminating particles out of your engine.  It provides a line of defense against premature wear and also helps your vehicle burn fuel correctly.  Like any other filter, over time contaminants will clog the filter, reducing the volume of air which can get into the engine.  For this reason, your engine air filter should be changed on a regular basis.  Different vehicles have different specifications for when to change the filter, and different climates as well as different driving frequency also determine how often you should change your engine air filter.  For example, if you live in a rural area where there is a relatively low population and low air pollution, your air filter will last longer than if you’re in the city.

How do you know if you need to change the air filter?

It’s fairly easy to get to your air filter and check it visually. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Your filter looks dirty.  A new air filter will be white or off-white.  If you see a lot of dirt and debris on your filter, it’s probably time to change it.
  • Your check engine light comes on.  This could indicate a number of things, and air filtration is one of them.  Bring your vehicle in and we can diagnose it for you. 
  • Darker than normal exhaust.  This usually indicates that your engine is not receiving the proper mixture of air and fuel. 
  • You can smell the gasoline when you start your engine.  



Keep your inside air cleaner with a HEPA filter.

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