Meet the Crew

The Techs at 5 Points Automotive

Meet the Auto Technicians

The auto technicians at 5 Points are more than just part-swappers, guessing at what might be wrong with your car.  These techs can diagnose problems other shops can’t.  They have both the experience and the tools to troubleshoot your issue and repair the problem the right way the first time. When problems arise which can’t be easily spotted, many auto technicians start replacing parts until the problem goes away.  This eventually corrects the problem, but at considerable expense to the customer.  The auto technicians at 5 Points use the latest technology, the most up-to-date diagnostic tools, and years of experience to help you get your auto repaired in the most cost-effective manner.   Check out their information below.  These are the people who will help keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Will, Shop Manager

Will manages the shop for the 5 Points Automotive team.  He comes to us after having worked in the industry most of his life and graduating from automotive technical school.  He enjoys the outdoors – snowboarding, motorcycling, and pretty much anything which keeps him active.


Gary, Auto Technician

Gary, the newest member of the 5 Points Team of Auto TechniciansGary has been in the automotive industry for years and brings a wealth of knowledge and information to the 5 Points team.  

Brion, Auto Technician

Brion is our newest technician at 5 Points Automotive.  He comes to us with a broad background in auto repair, auto body repair, and electronic.  His love for all things automotive spills over into his off-time as he also has a side business in automotive audio/video, fabrication, and other custom specialties.   You can find much of his work at his website here.

Justin, Auto Technician

Justin comes to us with a wealth of experience.  “I’m a car guy.  I’ve always been a car guy.”  Justin’s passion for cars spills into the 5 Points shop as he brings a keen eye for diagnostics to us.  

Q, Auto Technician

Q is our computer wizard.  He holds a degree in cyber security from Drexel University and several certifications from auto manufacturers like Mercedes and others.  His understanding of the increasingly software and networked nature of the automotive industry brings value to the 5 Points Automotive team.