Battery Charging and Replacement

There is nothing worse than getting into your vehicle and realizing you have a dead battery.  

How Do I Know If I Have a Problem?

Here are some typical signals which indicate that you have an air conditioning problem.  If your vehicle exhibits any of these symptoms, bring it to 5 Points and we can diagnose it for you.

  • When you turn the air conditioning on, it doesn’t cool the air.
  • You hear noises when you turn on the air conditioning which weren’t there before.
  • The air coming out of the vents has an unusual odor.

Some of the more common issues which cause your air conditioning to fail are listed below.

  • Low Refrigerant Levels
  • Clogged Condenser, Leaking Condenser
  • Compressor Malfunction
  • Belt Breakage or Slippage
  • Air Conditioning System Leakage
  • Dirty or Clogged Filters
  • Electronic Control Issues
  • Clutch Issues


Leaking Coolant?

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A/C Check and Diagnosis

Is your car blowing out room-temperature air or did you put off fixing your car’s air conditioning system from last year?