Auto Sales

Q: Why should I do a pre-buy inspection on a car before I buy it?

A: When purchasing a pre-owned vehicle it is extremely important know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

You can trust your gut, but always verify the cars condition.
You don’t want to end up with a lemon and get more than you bargained for.   5 Points Automotive can provide you with a thorough pre-buy inspection.

We check for body damage which may invisible to the untrained eye, covered by bondo and paint.   We inspect the vehicle’s mechanical soundness by checking the engine, drive train, belts, hoses, and search for oil leaks.

Additionally we do a comprehensive safety check including testing your lights, suspension examination, as well as frame examination for damage and wear. No one wants surprises after the purchase of a new used vehicle.  An additional benefit to the pre-buy inspection is the fact finding sheet that you will be armed with when negotiating a final sale price.Give us a call, or if it is after hours feel free to schedule online.  If you have a question and cannot find the answer our site, submit your question and we will respond promptly.