Fuel System Repair

Your fuel system is a vital part of your vehicle.  Not only does it supply the necessary fuel to your engine, but proper fuel system maintenance and cleaning can actually save you money and help your car run more efficiently.  Your fuel system consists of precision parts, but often, the fuel we put in our tanks contains contaminants and doesn’t always burn cleanly.  If you don’t remember the last time your fuel system was cleaned, give us a call and we can help you. 

   Fuel System Information

Fuel injectors, fuel filters, pumps and hoses can all fail, and when they do, it often results in subpar performance and inefficient fuel usage. 

  1. Rough running.  This can indicate an issue with a sensor, your mix of fuel, or a clogged fuel filter. 
  2. You notice that the smell of gasoline in your vehicle has gotten stronger.  You may be burning fuel inefficiently.  This could be a sign of your need for fuel system cleaning or repair.
  3. You’ve been filling the tank more frequently and notice that the car doesn’t have as much power.   Poor mileage is not always the fault of the fuel system, but it is one of the causes.
  4. Your “Check Engine” Light goes on. It’s not always the cause, but often, your oxygen sensors detect an a poor mix of fuel and oxygen and trigger the check engine light.



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Check Engine Light On?

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