Our History

We weren’t always a full service Montgomeryville car repair shop.  In 1987, AAA Auto Rental opened its doors with a rental fleet of 4 – yes, 4 ‘vettes(that would be the Chevette).  The price – $9.95 per day, free mileage.  As we worked and worked, we slowly built our fleet.  Our company slogan – “a car for every budget.”  Over 25 years later, we’ve evolved from “a car for every budget” to “one stop shopping for all your automotive needs.”  As we look back over the years, the main component of our successful growth has been satisfied, return customers.

Today, after changing our name at the request of AAA to 5 Points Automotive Center, we strive for the same customer service we started with in 1987.  Now our Montgomeryville car repair shop extends its service to  mechanical repair, 24 hour towing, and of course, auto rental.

We’re proud to say we’re a 3rd generation family owned company and still the best choice for Montgomeryville.  When you bring your car in, call for a tow, or inquire about a rental, chances are, you’ll deal directly with one of the members of the Tradewell family.

 What Makes our Car Repair Shop Different

Our shop is somewhat unique in the auto industry in that, we’re not a dealership.  This means we don’t carry all the overhead and car repair shop in montgomeryvilleexpense that they do.  We’re also not a small garage where your car could be parked for days before someone looks at it.  Both of these types of businesses have their place, but today’s world and today’s economy demand creative solutions. We all want prompt, reliable service without the hefty price tag that usually accompanies this kind of service.

Prompt Service

5 Points Automotive Center is the bridge between the small shop and the dealership. The small shop often lacks service, and the dealership service center often specializes in only one or two makes of automobile.  They usually have a considerably higher overhead to support, so you’ll pay more for repairs.  If your car breaks down on the road, call 5 points and we’ll come get it. All vehicles need routine maintenance, and we have packages to fit anything you need.  When you need major work, 5 Points Automotive center has the experienced professionals you need to diagnose and repair the problem.  If get into an accident, you can call 5 points, and we’ll pick you up, get you a rental, and fix your car. We’ll have you up and running in a minimal amount of time.

In short, 5 Points Automotive Center can provide everything you need to keep running smoothly, without the dealer price tag.

This is our challenge to you.  Bring us your car for your next car repair so we can show you the 5 points  difference.


We invite you to join us.


Call us, or feel free to schedule online.  If you have a question and cannot find the answer our site, submit your question and we’ll respond promptly.