Need a Lyft Inspection?

Lyft Inspection Done Here

Do you drive for Lyft or Uber? If you do, you know that a Lyft inspection for your vehicle is part of your agreement.  Why not make it as easy on yourself as possible and take care of everything in one spot? 5 Points Automotive and Towing Center is that place.  We are an authorized Lyft inspection station and can help you make sure your vehicle is running properly and at peak performance.

What Makes our Lyft Inspection Service Different

As a Lyft or Uber driver, your vehicle becomes a business asset which makes you money as long as it is running and on the road.  Driving extensive miles, however, takes its toll on your vehicle, making regular maintenance vital to the longevity of your car.  At 5 Points Automotive and Towing Center, we can do more than simply perform your Lyft inspection – we can proactively insure that your car is in fine working order.  Every Lyft inspection we do comes with our own inspection of items which Lyft or Uber don’t include, but can cause your car to break down.  Belts, hoses, fluids, and other non-safety parts wear out on a regular basis.  These aren’t part of the Lyft inspection, but we inspect them for you. It just makes sense to ensure that your vehicle is both safe and reliable.


Cleaning and Detailing

The top two complaint categories for ride sharing drivers are dirty/messy cars, and bad smells.  Lyft has an article here about keeping your vehicle clean.  To that end, 5 Points also offers detailing services to help keep your vehicle clean and fresh.  You can check out our different packages here.

If you drive for both Lyft and Uber, don’t worry, because we’re authorized for both platforms.

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