Power Steering

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Power Steering

Several systems in your car have evolved over the years.  One of those areas is your steering system.  Since its advent in the 1950’s, power steering is now a necessary feature of nearly every auto on the road.  Utilizing fluid pumped through the steering gear, the power steering system makes steering much easier to accomplish.  The system consists of A belt, pump, and lines which connect to  your steering system.  When the fluid breaks down or gets contaminated, your steering can become labored and difficult to control.  That’s where the experienced technicians at 5 Points Automotive come from.  We can help you diagnose and repair any issue with your power steering which arises.  

How do you know if your power steering is malfunctioning?

There are a few symptoms which tell you that you have a problem with your power steering. 

  • You hear squealing noises or grinding sounds when you turn your steering wheel.
  • Your steering wheel vibrates.  This could be a number of issues, but one of them is a power steering issue.
  • Your steering feels erratic and jittery.
  • Your car is difficult to turn, or your wheel feels stiff when you turn.



Make sure your power steering is functioning properly with a check-up.

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