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Renntech Montgomeryville


5 Points automotive is the Renntech Montgomeryville authorized shop for all of Pennsylvania.  Do you have a high-end vehicle and want to get better performance out of it?  Renntech carries all the parts you’ll need to tune your vehicle for performance, and 5 Points Automotive is the official dealer for the state of Pennsylvania.

Renntech in Montgomeryville

What can we do for you?  Our technicians can take your automobile to the next level.  Imagine an extra 90 horsepower as you hit the accelerator – or a substantial increase in top speed.  With Renntech, we can make it a reality for you.

Renntech Montgomeryville is a division of 5 Points Automotive and services many vehicles other than Mercedes.  We have options for various models of Porsche, Ferrari, Range Rover, Audi, McLaren, Maybach, Lamborghini, and even Sprinter vans and Smart cars.  Check out their full line of aftermarket options here.