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Not many people realize this, but auto detailing does more than just make your car look nice – it actually helps extend the life of your car!  Protecting the exterior of your car and cleaning the interior goes a long way towards making the materials in your car last longer.  Our philosophy for over 20 years has been to make sure your car lasts as long as possible for you.  One way we can do that is through auto detailing.  By removing the foreign debris which wears down the materials in your car, we can help you keep your car from getting old prematurely.

Exterior auto detailing involves washing and waxing the exterior, cleaning and detailing the tires, and making sure all your trim is clean and free from dirt.  Interior auto detailing involves shampooing all the carpets, treating leather, sanitizing the vents, and making sure your entire interior is clean.

If you notice reduced visibility at night, consider headlight restoration.    Go here to read our article on this process and what it can do for your visibility.  As well, if you have small dents and scratches which have been bothering you, we can help, and at a reasonable cost.  Take a look at the packages below and give us a call to schedule your detailing.


 1. Exterior Package

  • Hand Wash Vehicle
  • Hand Wax Exterior
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Dress Tires and All Exterior Trim
  • Streak-Free Window Cleaning

Automobiles:  $89.99 
Trucks:  $109.99 
Vans/Minivans:  $119.99

2. Interior Package

  • Hand Wash Vehicle
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Shampoo Carpet and Upholstery
  • Leather or Vinyl Treatment
  • Streak-Free Window Cleaning
  • Sanitize All Vents
  • Sanitize all Contact Surfaces

Automobiles:  $119.99
Trucks:  $139.99
Vans/Minivans:  $159.99


3. Full Detail Package

  • Exterior Package
  • Interior Package

Automobiles:  $169.99
Trucks:  $189.99
Vans/Minivans:  $199.99

We Also Offer:

  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Paint Swirl Removal
  • Minor Scratch Removal