From your headlights to your brake lights, many items in your car depend on your electrical system.  Most vehicles are now controlled by computers with code generators which help our technicians determine which systems are potential issues in your vehicle.  Below are a few of the services we provide.

Check Engine Light

We don’t offer a free service like most auto repair shops, simply because the free service everyone offers never gives checkenginethe owner enough information to make an educated decision without spending more money.  We understand that, and also understand that your time is valuable as well, so we’ve decided to save you the time, and when we diagnose your problem,  we’ll also be able to tell you how to fix it.  The free check-engine diagnosis is worth what everyone is charging for it.  Check out our blog post about warning lights here.


alternator-smThe alternator converts your mechanical energy back to electrical energy and keeps your battery running, so when it fails, you’ve got limited time to get to a safe place.  If you find that your vehicle has trouble starting, or the lights don’t seem to be as bright as they normally are, bring it in and we’ll diagnose it for you.

Computer and Other Electrical

There are many electrical systems in your vehicle – too many to list here.  Suffice it to say, if you’ve got an electrical problem, we’ll diagnose and fix it for you.  Give us a call, or go here to set up an appointment and we can get you started.