Exhaust Repair

Exhaust Repair

For exhaust repair, muffler replacement or anything related to your emissions system, call 5 Points.  The technicians at 5 Points Automotive know exhaust systems, so they know the importance of a healthy exhaust system. Exhaust repair is a mechanical concern, but it’s also a health concern. Toxic fumes from your vehicle can leak into your passenger cabin, causing health risks.  There are many reasons to keep your exhaust system in top shape.  From keeping toxic fumes out of your passenger cabin to improving your gas mileage, a healthy exhaust system means a healthy automobile.

   Signs You May Need Exhaust System Repair

The best way to keep your car healthy is to pay attention to symptoms your car shares with you.  Our cars have many ways of telling us there may be a problem.  Here are a few ways to determine if you may have a problem with your exhaust system.

  1. Increasing noise.  This usually indicates a leak in the system somewhere before the muffler, or in the muffler. You may need a muffler replacement.
  2. You notice that the smell of exhaust in your vehicle has gotten stronger.  Leaks in your exhaust will often seep into the passenger compartment. This may indicate the need for exhaust system replacement.
  3. You’ve been filling the tank more frequently and notice that the car doesn’t have as much power.   Poor mileage is not always the fault of exhaust, but it is one of the causes.
  4. Your “Check Engine” Light goes on. It’s not always the cause, but often, your oxygen sensors detect an exhaust leak and trigger the check engine light. Often, an exhaust repair is necessary.



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