Your brakes are one of the most important safety systems in your vehicle.  Your brakes enable you to safely stop your car and avoid accidents.  It may sound obvious, but maintaining your brakes is vital to your safety.  

There are several components to your braking system – a few of which need to be replaced regularly.  These are your pads & shoes, brake fluid, and often, your rotors. 

How Do I Know If I Need Brake Service?

Here are some typical signals which indicate that you need to replace your brakes.  If your vehicle exhibits any of these symptoms, bring it to 5 Points and we can diagnose it for you.

  • Your brakes whistle or squeal.  This is often by design.  Many brake pads have built in devices which make noise when your brakes wear down.
  • You hear grinding when you stop.
  • Your brakes feel soft or “spongy”.

When you bring your vehicle to 5 Points Automotive for brake service, we inspect more than just your pads.  We check rotor wear, caliper function, all your hardware for your brakes, your brake fluid, and hoses.  If you have questions about your brakes, as always, give us a call at (215)855-3592 or contact us here


Brake Packages

Make sure your car stops when you need it to.  Take advantage of one of our brake packages here.