Remote Starters

We Install Remote Car Starters Correctly

When winter arrives, a remote car starter makes a great gift for a loved one.  Getting a remote starter installed properly can be a tricky process. There are always special circumstances with each make and model of vehicle.  This is why it’s best to have a company who deals in auto repair, installation and maintenance every day.  It may be cheaper to get the local department store to do the job, but the results can be dicey to say the least.  One of our customers can’t listen to his radio without static anymore, while another has switches hanging out of the bottom of his dashboard. Still another can’t open his trunk while the car is on.

Why 5 Points?

There are a large number of remote car starters available in the marketplace today. Consequently, there is a large diversity of quality, a variety of features, and a considerable difference in range.  Don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap starter which only works if you are right next to the vehicle.  Our remote car starters are a high quality brand which comes with a warranty and a guarantee on our installation.  Our installers have experience with all vehicle makes and models. They also have extensive experience in high end vehicles, where complex security systems can render the car useless if not handled properly.  Our technicians are trained to handle special circumstances as well as the more basic installations. This insures that your experience with us goes well.

The 5 Points Advantage

If you want a remote car starter that works and don’t want to risk the rest of your electrical system, give us a call at (215)855-3592 or contact us here to schedule an appointment.  With a flat rate of $349.99 for most vehicles, it just makes sense to go with a trusted shop.