Steering & Suspension

The vehicle steering and suspension system has a few purposes.  They can be categorized as follows:


  1. Support the Vehicle.
  2. Reduce the Impact of Shock to the Vehicle.
  3. Maintain Correct Vehicle Height.
  4. Help Maintain Alignment.
  5. Keep the Vehicle Tires in Contact with the Road.
  6. Control Vehicle Direction.

If you experience problems with the above items, chances are, you have a suspension problem.  There are several parts to your suspension. 

Shock Absorbers and Struts

These are the parts which help soften the shock of the up and down motion of the vehicle.  Your vehicle is equipped with one or the other.  It is always best to replace these in pairs to avoid uneven alignment due to a worn part and a new part being paired together.


There are typically two types of springs in a vehicle – a coil spring, or a leaf spring.  Both are designed to support vehicle weight and keep proper ride height.  A broken spring will be evident, and quite detrimental to the handling of the vehicle.