Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

Transmission repair is usually quite expensive, yet it is one of the more neglected parts of our vehicle.  We change the oil regularly, rotate the tires, change the wiper blades, and make sure there’s enough coolant in the radiator.  However, many of us don’t even know where our transmission fluid goes, let alone how to check it.  The fact is, a transmission isn’t visible, so most people ignore it.  The result of this neglect can be very costly.

Detecting problems and avoiding transmission repair

The following is a list of potential signs of a transmission problem.  Pay attention to your car’s cries for help and you could avoid a costly repair down the road.

  • Burning Smell    Unless you’re at a barbecue or campfire, a burning smell is never good.  This could be the result of transmission fluid overheating.  When your transmission fluid breaks down, it can no longer cool properly and your transmission no longer lubricates properly.  Check your fluid or bring it to 5 Points.  If it is dark and smells burned, it’s well past time to get it flushed.
  • Sluggishness/Lack of Response  When you shift into gear, the vehicle should respond nearly immediately.  If you notice a delay in engaging, you could have a clutch problem.  These problems usually escalate quickly, so get your car diagnosed as soon as possible.
  • Check Engine Light    It’s there for a reason.  If it goes on, get it diagnosed sooner rather than later.  See our article on warning lights here.
  •  Noises   Grinding, whining, bumping, and other noises you normally don’t hear could be a sign of a transmission repair bill on the way.  If you’re in neutral and hear those noises, the odds increase.

One of the best things you can do for your transmission is to flush it according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  This helps to ensure that the fluid continues to cool and lubricate your transmission.  The cost to fully flush your transmission is a small fraction of the cost of a new one, so it makes sense to perform this service and extend the life of your transmission.  Call us at (215) 855-3592 or contact us here to see if you would benefit from new transmission fluid.


Driving Sluggish?

Don’t wait until you have a bigger problem.  Bring your car to 5 Points Automotive and we’ll keep your transmission healthy.

Transmission Flush

Get your transmission fluid flushed and prolong the life of your transmission.