Truck Repair and Maintenance

Timely truck repair is extremely important to a business.   If you own a medium duty truck, chances are, that vehicle helps to make you money.  Every hour, every day your truck is in the shop is money lost.  This is why 5 Points makes truck repair a priority in our shop.  Unlike most repair facilities with smaller lifts and inexperienced technicians, we are set up to handle heavy equipment efficiently – with both our equipment and our personnel.  This makes our truck repair facility more cost effective than others.  Our heavy lift allows us to easily work on medium duty trucks up to 18,000lbs.  This means your truck repair gets finished faster and your truck gets back to making you money quickly.

If you have a landscaping business, are a plumbing or electrical contractor, delivery service, we can help.  If you’re a smaller business who doesn’t have their own fleet maintenance team, we can be your team. We understand the unique demands you face as a smaller company, and will give you the same service that you give your clients.  We understand that the longer your trucks take to get repaired, the more money you lose.  Our aim is simple: Fix it right the first time, on time.   If you’re tired waiting several days for your truck repair, give 5 Points a call.  If you can’t afford to leave your truck on the lot while it waits for a slot in the repair bay, call 5 Points.

Medium duty truck repair - lift

Truck Repair and Maintenance Services

Below are some of the services we provide for business owners with light or medium duty trucks.  Do you need emergency service?  We provide that as well.

  • Truck Inspection
  • Truck Wrecker Service
  • Fleet Truck Maintenance
  • Trailer Repair
  • Emergency Towing
  • Mechanical Truck Repair
  • Diesel Engine Repair
  • Lift Gate Repair and Maintenance