U-Haul Rentals

U-haul Rentals in MontgomeryvilleLooking for U-Haul rentals in Montgomeryville?  Do you need to rent a truck or van?  We’ve got you covered!  5 Points Automotive is now an authorized U-Haul location.  Let us help you with all your moving needs.  We have several sizes of truck rentals available for you to choose from.  Here are a few tips on planning your move.

  • Plan – You’ll save time and money when you take a few minutes to plan your move.  Things like labeling boxes, packing delicate items in bubble wrap, or, as many have suggested, clothing, and packing things like plates vertically to avoid breaking will help you on the other side of the move.
  • Rent the right vehicle for your move – 5 Points has several U-Haul rental trucks available.  Since mileage is billed out separately, make sure you’re getting enough truck for your move.  Check out the truck size chart here.
  • Don’t forget the outside – People tend to forget bikes, grills, patio furniture, and other items which normally reside outside when planning their move.